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 McClick Technology Inc.’s mission is to use its knowledge and experience in the field of electric motor and drive design, manufacturing, and maintenance to make valuable contribution to the optimization of operations of businesses in various industries and, consequently, establish a strong market reputation.  

McClick Technology Inc.

Smart Solutions for Motion Control

The Company provides engineering services in design, optimization, and manufacturing of electrical motors and  sells smart Rotary-Linear Switched Reluctance Motors, Brushless DC motors and their electronic drives. The Company’s products will feature a novel, compact structure and offer higher reliability and energy and cost efficiency as well as applicability in automotive, rehabilitation products, robot, drilling tool, and home appliance manufacturing.

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Address: 300-136 Market Ave., Winnipeg

                Manitoba, R3B0P3, CANADA

E-mail: info@mcclick.ca 

Tell: +1-647-225-3170; +1-437-224-6456

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+1-647-225-3170, +1-437-224-6456

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